Clean, lean marinated turkey strips and better-for-you sausages, made tasty by award-winning chefs, and yours in minutes. This is turkey like you’ve never seen or tasted before.
Turkey to talk about

Let's Talk Turkey!

We believe that people can live and eat better by having access to healthy, lean, high in protein & delicious turkey products!


Our turkeys are certified humane and raised on family-owned American farms. We are committed to using the whole bird to reduce food waste and help our farmers

Just Clean Protein

We don't use antibiotics ever. No added hormones, no preservatives, no nitrates or nitrites, no MSG. No junk, gums or fillers. Just. Clean. Protein. Period.

Fresher For Longer...Like 5x Longer!

Our fresh, never frozen turkey is sent to you in innovative packaging to keep it fresh for up to 5x longer. No need for preservatives or others nasties. Which means we can sell bundles at discounted rates and you can enjoy it all on your schedule.


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Tasty Better Living

Our mission is simple - helping Americans feel better about the food they cook and eat. It’s why we started with turkey - a healthier, leaner protein source. Why our version of healthy is also tasty, made possible by award-winning chefs. Why our products are pan-ready and yours in minutes. And why do things the right way, from being part of the Wholesome Wave movement to using the whole bird, not only to serve our customers but also preserve the environment.


Who Said Turkey Was Boring?

Our free cookbook is not only full of delicious, easy to make turkey recipes but was crowdsourced from influencers you love and made in the kitchen of award-winning chefs. Check out our recipe section for even more choices to please all the family.