"Gobble for Good" The Great American Turkey Co. One-For-One Campaign with FreshDirect

NEW YORK, April 8, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- The Great American Turkey Co. is giving customers a chance to help families in need with a one-for-one campaign with FreshDirect. The "Gobble for Good" program is a provides one package of ready to cook, humanely raised, no antibiotics ever, marinated turkey to a local family for every Great American Turkey Co. product purchased from FreshDirect. The promotion has already provided thousands of donated packages of product to families throughout the New York City area. Both companies pledge to do even more throughout 2019 to help feed families in need.

"We are proud to follow in the tradition of brands like TOMS, Warby Parker and Bombas in giving back to local residents while still providing our customers with the high-quality, chef-driven, delicious products they desire," says George Faison, Co-Founder and President of The Great American Turkey Co. "The Gobble for Good program allows us the privilege to be a meaningful partner to the community by providing families in need with healthy food options."

According to Faison, the current nutritional landscape is lacking innovative, healthy, delicious turkey products; they hope to change that. He explains "there are very few turkey options in the grocery store other than cooking a giant bird, processed deli slices or eating a bunch of turkey bacon. Who really wants to do that on a weeknight? Instead, we offer the solution with ease of cooking and maximum flavor."

And flavor is the reason why The Great American Turkey Co. has seen so much success. When founding the company, Faison enlisted his co-founder, James Beard award winner, Chef Michel Nischan as his senior culinary advisor. Together, they created the extraordinary flavor combinations customers have come to enjoy, which is just one of the many reasons that the FreshDirect team is excited about the partnership.

"FreshDirect is committed to working with partners who not only care about producing the highest quality foods but are also passionate about supporting the communities we serve," says Kristina Wollenberg, Meat Merchant at FreshDirect. "The Great American Turkey Co. certainly cares deeply about both, and we're proud to partner with them on this campaign which provides their delicious and healthy premium-quality products to families in need."

Great American Turkey Co. products available from FreshDirect include a variety of turkey cutlet, strip and sausage items with flavors such as smoky & sweet chili, olive oil & herbs, tomato & basil, classic sage, hot/sweet Italian, mozzarella & broccoli rabe and spicy masala.

The Gobble for Good partnership between the Great American Turkey Co. and FreshDirect.com continues from now through the end of 2019.

About The Great American Turkey Co.

An innovative line of craft, artisanal turkey-based products created to provide a new source of epically delicious, awesomely easy and honestly good protein.

The brand's suite of products includes turkey steaks, cutlets, strips, sausages, and bratwurst – all developed by our James Beard Award-winning chefs and "Hall of Famers" for the highest quality flavor.

We only utilize turkeys that are humanely raised on family-owned American farms, without antibiotics, preservatives or added hormones ever. Produced with a commitment to whole carcass utilization to reduce food waste and to help our farmers.

Our products are currently located in over 350 locations across the U.S. and featured on FreshDirect.

Learn more at www.GATC.CO  Follow us on Instagram @greatamericanturkeyco

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