There's a New Bird on the Block: The Great American Turkey Co.® Launches in 161 The Fresh Market Locations

NEW YORK, Aug. 27, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- The Great American Turkey Co.® (GATC) announced today that it is launching its suite of craft turkey-based products exclusively in all 161 locations of The Fresh Market Inc. GATC products were created to provide a new source of epically delicious, awesomely easy and honestly good protein to consumers increasingly seeking healthy, sustainable food options that taste great.


The product line features celebrity chef-developed recipes for ready-to-cook steaks in marinades, fresh turkey sausages and bratwursts. GATC turkeys are humanely raised on family-owned American farms. GATC is committed to clean products that are without antibiotics, preservatives or added hormones, and produced with a commitment to whole carcass utilization to reduce food waste.

"I believe Turkey is America's next big protein," said Kirk Posmantur, Founder and Chairman of The Great American Turkey Co.® "We see this as a massive opportunity in the marketplace. Easy, fresh, delicious, healthy protein options are in demand, and turkey has yet to become a go-to, yearlong choice for consumers. This is our opportunity to provide that solution!"

The GATC and The Fresh Market partnership will benefit Wholesome Wave, a nonprofit that addresses the national health and food insecurity crisis by increasing affordable access to healthy produce for underserved consumers. Wholesome Wave founder, Michel Nischan, is the four-time James Beard Award-winning celebrity chef behind the unique flavors and ingredients of the GATC brand.

"During a time where more and more Americans truly care about the wide-ranging impact of their food purchases, the role of purpose-driven brands is gaining traction," said Michel Nischan, Founder and CEO of Wholesome Wave. "People want to know they can trust what they are feeding their families, but also that profit-making companies are good corporate citizens. The GATC's support for Wholesome Wave will help some of the millions of Americans who struggle with poverty afford healthy produce for their family tables."

The Great American Turkey Co.® products that will be featured at The Fresh Market stores include turkey steaks in chef-created MMMarinades™, as well as turkey sausages and brats that can be enjoyed for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The GATC products' unique sausage flavors include smoked mozzarella & broccoli rabe, cheddar & beer, spicy masala, and apple maple, while its turkey steaks include the following three marinades: olive oil & herbs, tomato & basil, and smoky & sweet chili. 

"At The Fresh Market, we want to inspire our guests to try new products and cook with confidence so they can eat extraordinary food every day," said The Fresh Market Director of Meat and Seafood, Peter Mayes. "The Great American Turkey Co.® is a terrific example of the types of product we like to offer in store – their products help make turkey easier to enjoy on an everyday basis because they are simple to cook, convenient and most of all, delicious."   

"GATC recipes are created to reflect the incredible diversity of cuisine in our country, ensuring a great turkey offering for consumers year-round," said George Faison, President and COO, GATC, James Beard "Hall of Famer" and one of America's most renowned authorities on clean and sustainable meats. "By developing recipes that use every part of these delicious birds, we assist our farmers in making a fair return for their efforts!"

About The Great American Turkey Co. ® 

The Great American Turkey Co.® is a line of craft turkey-based products created to provide a new source of epically delicious, awesomely easy and honestly good protein. The brand's suite of products includes turkey steaks, cutlets, strips, sausages, and bratwurst – all developed by our James Beard Award-winning chef and "Hall of Famer" for the highest quality flavor, and all without antibiotics, preservatives or added hormones ever, and produced with a commitment to whole carcass utilization to reduce food waste. GATC is humanely raised on family-owned American farms. GATC products are currently located in 161 locations of The Fresh Market across the U.S. For more information, visit  

About Wholesome Wave

Wholesome Wave is a national non-profit addressing complex problems with simple, innovative, effective solutions. Founded by James Beard Award-winning Chef Michel Nischan, Wholesome Wave makes healthy produce affordable for the people who need it most. Wholesome Wave played a key role in triggering the first national, federally-funded nutrition incentive program in history (FINI), resulting in $100 Million in the 2014 Farm Bill for nutrition incentives nationally. The nonprofit works in 49 states and counting, and its programs touch over 500,000 people annually.

About The Fresh Market, Inc.

Since 1982, The Fresh Market, Inc. has helped guests make every day eating extraordinary with time-saving meal solutions, unique ingredients and delicious food for any occasion. From fresh produce and exceptional meat and seafood, to signature baked goods and thousands of organic options, this specialty grocery retailer has something to please every palate. The Fresh Market currently operates 161 stores in 22 states across the U.S., inspiring guests to discover new flavors and cook with confidence. For more information, please visit or follow the company on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.

About 25 Madison

25 Madison is The Great American Turkey Co's lead outside investor. 25Madison is a startup studio, innovation hub and investment vehicle, dedicated to finding, enhancing, and accelerating early stage and new business concepts. Among 25Madison's investment areas are consumer and packaged goods as well as craft and niche food and beverage businesses. For more information, visit


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