Our Great American Story

The new breed of clean, complete protein

Epically Delicious, Awesomely Easy, & Honestly Good.

That means our products are farm-to-fridge sustainable and fully accountable. Because we believe healthy should be more tasty, accessible, and responsible. 

Our turkey is the perfect protein for any meal of the day. Sausages, hotdogs, strips, and cutlets in mouth-watering marinades with recipes crafted by our James Beard Award-winning chefs. Always packed fresh and ready to cook, always antibiotic and hormone free, always healthier than beef and more inspiring than chicken.

Our turkeys are humanely raised on family-owned American farms. And we use the whole bird not only to serve our customers but also preserve the environment — by reducing waste and contributing to improving the entire food system.

We are a proud supporter of Wholesome Wave and are committed to increasing access to fresh food for everyone.

Simply, we think eating right is a human right. And doing right by your body means doing right by the planet.

The Great American Turkey Co.®: Flip your bird.

The compassionate treatment of farm animals is incredibly important us at The Great American Turkey Co.. We believe we can do more and that is why for all of our products, we are committing to pursue a certification recognized by the ASPCA® Shop With Your Heart program by 2019.

We are proud to support Wholesome Wave in their efforts to help under-served consumers access healthy food.

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