Americans eat 160 pounds of chicken annually, or more than 3 pounds per week. (Talk about boring!) With a line of deliciously turkey cutlets, strips, sausages, bratwurst and hot dogs, the Great American Turkey Co. gives American consumers what they most demand: Choice! We are turning the beef-or-bird battle and the fish-or-fowl frenzy on its beak, as America’s First Bird takes on its more popular little sister in a beak to beak battle for menu dominance.

In homes from shore to shore, the Great American Turkey Co. will issue a call to action to health-conscious consumers.... FLIP YOUR BIRD! And disrupt your weekly menu to put the perfect protein option at the center of your dinner plate (or breakfast or lunch, too, by the way!).


Put our epically delicious, awesomely easy, honestly good turkey right in the center of your plate.

Why does our turkey deserve such a prominent spot on your plate? Because turkey is high in protein, low in fat, gluten-free, rates a perfect zero on the Glycemic Index and is irresistibly delicious! PLUS, turkey is rich in B-6, B-12, niacin, selenium, zinc and omega-3. And OUR turkey cutlets and strips are delectably moist in fourmouth-watering MMMarinades.


Even BIGGER idea!


Fresh, lean turkey cuts in chef-created marinades, and indulgently flavored, uncooked sausages that are lower in fat and calories than pork or beef options. Plus a library of great serving suggestions online to keep healthy eating fun!


Pan-ready portions and a naturally extended shelf life * makes it super easy for consumers to keep healthy protein on hand at home and to cook up a quick, satisfying meal.

*High Pressure Pasteurization naturally extends shelf life, preserves texture and flavor.


Low fat protein. Humanely raised on family-owned American farms. No Gluten. Zero Glycemic Index. No hormones. No antibiotics. 100% vegetarian-fed. Just plain nothing that’s bad for you. And a partnership with Wholesome Wave, to help everyone eat better.