The Ultimate Turkey Sandwich Giveaway!

Some partnerships are destined to happen. Sonny and Cher, Mac and Cheese, even Snoop Dogg and Martha Stewart. And now this… a coming together that could change the sandwich world forever. Introducing Great American Turkey Co. and the Revolution™ Toaster.


Our Turkey, Their Toaster - A Perfect Pair.

We all know the secret to a flawless sandwich is perfectly toasted bread. Well, you've never seen toast like this before. The Revolution™ Toaster is the world’s first 2-slice, high-speed smart toaster. It delivers amazing taste and toast just the way you like it, insanely fast. Every time. The best thing since sliced bread!

Taste the ultimate turkey experience

Now pair that perfectly toasted bread with the tastiest, healthiest, juiciest, most ‘gramable TURKEY East and West of the Mississippi, and you’ve got your hands on a limited sandwich experience you'll never forget! You’ll get our Ultimate Turkey combo pack –– 20 packages of tasty turkey sausages & strips!